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Beautiful Shakira

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``It's a very personal song and I wrote
it for Antonio in the first place. The video needed
some romantic scenes and I felt I was not able to do
them with some model or actor I had only literally
just shaken hands with." Shakira on why she chose Antonio over
appear with her in the video for  Underneath your
``We are different types of artist. We probably get
compared because of our external appearance. We are
both petite blondes."``That is how some people judge
you - they don't look behind the facade. But if you
listen to our music you would realise we come from
totally different places.' Shakira on her comparsion
to Britney
``I have always been attracted to writing
music. I wrote my first song, My Dark Glasses, when I
was eight. It wasn't anything profound. At the age of
eight what can you write about - the devaluation of
the peso?
``I do not think I am ambitious. I was just following
my dreams and when I got my first record deal they
started to crystalise. I had this inner voice telling
me it was what I had to do.'

``Because I have not gained success
overnight I feel as though I have been prepared for
all the attention I am getting. Now that this is all
starting to happen for me around the world it makes me
feel that everything has been worthwhile. "

 'With this CD I pretend to save a part of the roots of
rock, or at least i'm trying to collaborate with
that'".Shakira on Laundry Service
"of course i am trying 2 make my accent so it won't
bother anyone, but i am not going 2 drive myself crazy
trying to pretend i am an American girl when I am from

"I would love to use the 'F' word in English but as
I've been educated under Catholic terms and
principles, I'm unable. So I just say 'Freakin
this'and 'this freakin thing'". - Shakira
"I love Britney, I respect her. She's beautiful and so
talented," Shakira says. "Yesterday on the plane,
someone thought I was her. And the last time I was in
New York, a fan came running after me, saying,
'Britney, Britney, can I have your autograph?'"And
when Shakira travels, her parents often accompany her.
"That I have in common with Britney, too. That, and
the hair," she says, laughing and pointing to her dyed
blond tresses.shakira on britney